My scrapbooking collection is being met with great success and keeping me busy! As a result, all of this "What's New" stuff is pretty old ; ) A girl can only get so much done in a day! Keep up with my newest work by visiting my collection page at the Creative Imaginations website.

My 2005 calendars will be available by
the first part November--if not sooner!


WoW! It's been such a long time since I've added anything new, it looks as though I haven't been doing anything! Not so! I just finished teaching a spectacular workshop to the San Diego Fellow Calligraphers called
"Coloring Books". I'm working on getting some photos to share here, but in the meantime, you can check out the SDFC website for a full description and photos of each day's work

I've added some new cards to
card gallery. I'm also offering the originals of these card designs in the calligraphy gallery

I recently took a trip along the California coast with a friend.
This is my first effort
at a photographic card!
Visit the second page of my
card gallery to see more!

I took a class in polymer clay at the
summer conference this year.
I've been making these
'Book Pendants'
using some of my favorite words.
Click on the graphic to see more!

It's been a while since I've added
anything new.I've been possessed with working on canvas lately.
Here is a picture of my latest effort-
still in progress at this stage.
I'll be adding more graphics soon!

Yesterday, I completed a new
calligraphic piece on paper.
Visit the calligraphy gallery
to see more.
I'll also be adding it to my
Art Card gallery

I am diligently working on a few pieces,
including a new large canvas.
The painting on the left is a detail of
my most recent piece.
Please visit the
calligraphy gallery
to view this canvas in full

Please stay tuned as I hope
to be adding new work least that's my intention!


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